New Magic Mouse

Continuing the trend of new gadgets, is Apple’s Magic Mouse, my first mouse in I don’t know how long.

I had been a fan of trackballs since pretty much the day I started using a computer, because I thought they were more ergonomic than mice. In short-term usage, that’s actually still correct, but it turns out that your wrist shouldn’t be locked in the same position for an 8-hour work day, which is exactly what a trackball does. On the suggestion of fellow Happiness Engineer, Michael Koenig, I dug out the mouse that was included with my iMac. Within a day, my wrist pain disappeared, and now I’m a happy mouse user.

So, I figured, why not get the best mouse to celebrate my new found fondness of mice? I quickly picked up a Magic Mouse, and it’s great! The laser-tracking is super-accurate, the bluetooth connectivity is definitely a plus, and the multi-touch surface is amazing!

If you’re in need of a new mouse, get this one, or at least ask to try it at your local Apple Store.

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    1. Ah, nostalgia. 🙂