Month: October 2010

  • Photos From our Hike

    Earlier this month, Sarah and I went on a brief hike in the Angeles National Forest with John and Christina of Clan Dragonas. Since I haven’t shared any photos here since 2007, I decided to take my camera with and managed to snap a few shots worth sharing. Enjoy!

  • Provide Clean Water for Free

    Three years ago, I published Save The Environment for Free, a post detailing some of the novel ways that you can help save our environment without having to spend a dime. Today, I’d like to talk about water. Many of us are used to simply going to the kitchen for a cool and refreshing drink […]

  • No More www on

    After much thought, I have finally removed all traces of www from Why? Aesthetics, really. There’s really no reason to have www preceding your domain, an ever-increasing number of sites are beginning to turn away from it, and it saves four characters when linking to in a tweet. Removing www from your domain […]

  • v2.0 v2.0 is finally here thanks to a new theme courtesy of Joen Asmussen.  A while ago, I began to realize that was suffering from the very same thing that I often criticize other websites for: link overload with a lack of focus on the content.  I’m proud to report that sidebar links have […]