Star Wars Uncut and Malcolm Sutherland

Star Wars Uncut is a fascinating project to say the least.  Users claimed 15 second clips of the original film, re-filmed them however they saw fit, and used every bit to create a massive complication.  Apparently, the film is ready to be released, but they’re working through some legal issues before they can unveil the final project.

Despite all the creative effort that went into Star Wars Uncut, I really have to thank the project for introducing me to the work of Malcolm Sutherland. After seeing his first 15 second clip (embedded below), I would rather see him re-imagine the entire film.  You can find all of Malcolm Sutherland’s work, including two more Star Wars Uncut clips on his Vimeo page.

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  1. […] of course that wasn’t from the upcoming Blu-Ray release, but can you blame me? As I mentioned before, if George Lucas keeps tweaking things every few years, I’d rather see Malcolm Sutherland […]