The Solo Adventures

One of the best things to come out of this year’s Star Wars Celebration was The Solo Adventures, a short animated film by Daniel L Smith, which took home the award for best animation from the fan film challenge. It’s a great little nostalgia trip with that same Star Wars feel, a spot-on Han Solo impersonation, and a twist ending that rivals M. Night Shyamalan.

I’ve embedded the 2D version below, but if you own a pair of red-cyan 3D glasses, I highly recommend the original 3D version.

Star Wars Uncut and Malcolm Sutherland

Star Wars Uncut is a fascinating project to say the least.  Users claimed 15 second clips of the original film, re-filmed them however they saw fit, and used every bit to create a massive complication.  Apparently, the film is ready to be released, but they’re working through some legal issues before they can unveil the final project.

Despite all the creative effort that went into Star Wars Uncut, I really have to thank the project for introducing me to the work of Malcolm Sutherland. After seeing his first 15 second clip (embedded below), I would rather see him re-imagine the entire film.  You can find all of Malcolm Sutherland’s work, including two more Star Wars Uncut clips on his Vimeo page.

I am Finally on Twitter

I have finally joined the masses on Twitter as MacManX.  I’m actually using it a lot more than I though I would, especially thanks to Socialite, which I was able to score for free from Macheist.  If you’re interested in following me on Twitter, or just looking to add another follower to your list, you know where to find me.

Review: Pathfinder

I seldom read and rarely enjoy graphic novel adaptations of movies, but Pathfinder is a visual feast from artist Christopher Shy and writer Laeta Kalogridis that is far superior to the film itself.

When director Marcus Nispel contacted artist Christopher Shy and expressed his interest in a film depicting a war between Vikings and Native Americans, Shy began to produce seemingly endless pages of concept art.  So much concept art in fact, that they used all of it to produce the graphic novel adaptation.