WordPress 3.0

WordPress 3.0 has been officially released.  There’s quite a bit that has been changed, improved, and added, so watch the video and read through the release notes to find out what’s new.  I upgraded several blogs yesterday via the automated updater in a matter of seconds with no problems, but there are a few known issues, so check this thread before upgrading.

Moving the Blog

Five years ago, I installed this WordPress blog in a subdirectory at macmanx.com/blog/, imagining that someday I would have some sort of fancy website at macmanx.com, and that this would be nothing more than just a blog.  Since then, I have spent quite a bit of time turning this blog into more than “just a blog.”  About two weeks ago, I finally made the decision to move this blog out of macmanx.com/blog/ and put it where it belongs, at macmanx.com.  The process was relatively simple using just phpMyAdmin, a plain text editor, and an FTP or SFTP client.  There were no problems during the overall process, but the cleanup took a bit longer than expected.  For the benefit of everyone reading this, I’d like to share my process, the problems that I ran in to after the move, and how I eventually resolved them.

The following instructions are Mac-specific using the plain text editor Fraise and the FTP/SFTP client Cyberduck, but they can be easily reinterpreted using any Windows or Linux-based plain text editor and FTP or SFTP client.

The First Dragonas Concert

Our first concert has been officially declared a success by Clan Chieftain John Dragoo!  It was great to see all the people who made the trip out to North Hollywood to hear us.  If you were not able to make our first performance, we did take some photos for you, and we look forward to seeing you at our next concert.

Tune in to Clan Dragonas for the latest news, photos, and other miscellanious fun.

The Blog has Moved Again

After five years, I have finally given in and decided to move both this blog and Sarah’s to the root directory.  That’s right, no more /blog/ and no more basic redirect in the root.  Five years ago, we planned on having some well-developed sites that included the blog along the side, so we placed the blogs in the /blog/ directory and a simple redirect in the root there for the time being.  What actually happened is that over those five years we wound up developing our blogs into the sites that we wanted in the first place, so I felt that it was time to give them the placement that they deserved.

Fortunately, modern redirects have evolved in such a way that you don’t need to do anything, unless you really want to change your bookmarks or resubscribe to the feed.  Everything should be redirecting to the proper place.  Unfortunately, not all subscription services will be able to redirect to the new feed, but I’m hoping that they will at least make some sort of notice regarding the problem so that you can re-subscribe to the new feed URL.

I’ll be posting a writeup of the whole move process in a few days, so If you notice anything wrong, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For your convenience, please feel free to use the large buttons below to re-subscribe to the feed and/or re-bookmark the blog.

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