New House

As Sarah mentioned, we have been in our new 4-bedroom Rialto home since March of this year.  We were lucky enough to purchase it before building began, so we got our choice of flooring, countertops, and cabinets.  We were also lucky enough to receive “upgraded” appliances and landscaping in both yards, which the builders were kind enough to add to our home as they began to increase incentives on the unsold homes.  It practically has everything we need; bedrooms for sleeping, a kitchen for cooking, a living room for TV and Wii, an office for computer stuff, a den for violin lessons, a spare room for Sarah’s booming Mary Kay business, and bathrooms for bathrooming.  I’m sure that you probably want to see what it looks like, so here are a few photos of the new house, taken during various stages of development.  Enjoy!


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