One State Two State, Red State Blue State

It’s that time again, time to flex your democratic muscles and vote for the future of our country. I’ve been hearing a lot of narrow-minded view points lately about who should be elected and what we should vote yes or no on. In response, I just want to remind everyone reading this that elections aren’t about your personal beliefs, they’re about who is the right person to run the country and which propositions can be executed in a beneficial manner.

Before voting, please research your choices from more than one source. Everyone is biased to an extent, so you’ll never get the big picture by researching from only one source. One person may make a great argument for how the benefit of a proposition outweighs its cost, while another will make an equally compelling argument for how its cost outweighs the benefit. If you have one of those private party voting guides, throw it out. Their form of bias is more like a poison. You’re a smart person, research and make your own decision.

Polls can be biased too, so if you like to follow the polls, keep your eye on Pollster. They collect poll data from a variety of sources and present it in an easy to follow map.

There are plenty of candidates running for President, and if you’re a supporter of Barack Obama, Joen has an awesome poster for you. I’m sure that John McCain has some nice posters out there too, but none of my friends made any.

If you’re interested in how your taxes will be affected by your presidential choice, Barack Obama’s campaign website has a nice tax calculator which will either show you how much you will save under Obama, or if your taxes would be better off under McCain. I couldn’t find anything similar on McCain’s campaign website, but Obama’s tax calculator seems to be quite fair.

Election day is Tuesday, November 4th, so now is great time to start researching. When researching, use more than one source and make your own decisions. If you’re voting via absentee status, remember that your ballot needs to be received by November 4th in order for your vote to count, so plan to finish and mail it by Saturday, November 1st.

Who am I voting for? That’s not what matters. What matters is who you are voting for.