We're Married!

I am proud to announce that Sarah and I have been married since August 23rd!  It was certainly the happiest day of my life.  We returned from our relaxing honeymoon in Oahu yesterday, hence the late announcement, but we should have quite a few photos online within the week and I’ll post more details on the wedding once those are ready.

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11 responses to “We're Married!”

  1. Hey Congrats James, fan-spanking tastic news. Also brilliant day for a wedding; I happened to go to my friend’s wedding on that day as well, and it just so happened to be my birthday as well. So all in all the moons and the stars are aligned. Hope it was everything you guys wanted/imagined it to be.

  2. Thanks! It was definitely a great day for weddings and celebrations all around. My Best Man had to attend another wedding that evening as well.

    As for our wedding, everything exceeded our expectations. It was wonderful!

    Happy belated birthday!

  3. Thanks! Oahu in general was great. We didn’t really spend any time is Honolulu besides being at the airport. Honolulu is very similar to Los Angeles both in atmosphere and traffic, so it’s not a pleasant city to be around when you’re trying to have a vacation. We tried to spend most of our time on the north and west shores, which have some very rural and quite areas.

  4. Thanks! Don’t worry about missing the initial posting. That’s the beauty of having a blog, people will read and reply to your posts when they have time to. I do it all the time. ^_-