Battlestar Galactica Recap

The final season of Battlestar Galactica will begin on April 4th. In case you haven’t been watching one of the greatest re-imagined science fiction series to ever grace your television set, the following eight-minute recap of the past three seasons should bring you up to speed.

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Tom Launches Lower (Carbon) Footprint

Tom announced the launch of Lower (Carbon) Footprint earlier today.  Lower (Carbon) Footprint is Tom’s new blog dedicated to “Green issues”.  Tom has often used his main blog, Tom Raftery’s Social Media, to express his views on environmental issues, energy efficiency and carbon offset, so this veteran blogger’s decision to launch a separate blog should come as no surprise.  If you want to learn more about lowering your carbon footprint, subscribe to Lower (Carbon) Footprint today!

Joen Launches Deskvu

Joen announced the launch of Deskvu earlier this morning.  Deskvu is Joen’s new free wallpaper website.  It’s already packed with several astounding wallpapers from Mr. Asmussen himself, and it looks like he will be accepting high-caliber wallpapers from other artists some time in the near future.