Display Issue with Leopard Graphics Update

If you have upgraded to Mac OS X 10.5.2 and use a MacBook Pro with an external display in closed-lid mode, do not install Leopard Graphics Update 1.0.  Once Leopard Graphics Update 1.0 is applied, your MacBook Pro will mistake the external display for a second internal display and it will not function in closed-lid mode.

This appears to be a widespread issue.  An official bug report has been filed and Apple may be addressing it soon.  For now, you can force your MacBook Pro to use the external display by closing the lid immediately after pressing the power button, before the chime.

Update: This issue has been corrected by the release of Mac OS X 10.5.3.
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Why I Stopped Reading Spider-Man

I stopped reading Spider-Man titles because of events that transpired in One More Day and Brand New Day. I know, you have probably read the same opinions every where else, but I’ve reached that point where I have to express my frustration.

One could say that Spider-Man was Marvel Comics’ flagship superhero, or that he was at least a close second to Captain America. We watched him fight crime as a teenager and we watched him grow into adulthood, and through all of this, his character was expanded through his ever growing responsibilities and his love for Mary Jane Watson. In fact, he even married her. Their relationship was very real, like Louis Lane and Clark Kent, but without the ridiculous “I only love Clark Kent because he’s really Superman” crap. Mary Jane really loved Peter, and though at times she was worried for his safety, she knew that he had to be Spider-Man because she knew that there were people out there who always needed his help.

For twenty years, Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson Parker had been the number-one married couple under the Marvel Comics label. Well, not any more! In fact, they were never married! They had a long-term relationship, but it ended abruptly just before the marriage, and now their relationship is “frosty at best.” Confused? Yeah, you, me and the rest of the world!

Pownce is Open

Well, I can’t find find any sort of official announcement (though there must have been one at some point), but it looks like Pownce is finally open to the public!  I have been micro-blogging for a few months now on my Pownce column, and I must say that it’s great to finally have an outlet for those small, random thoughts that pop into my head at various times throughout the day.  As for the service itself, it’s reliable, offers more features than Twitter, and Pownce’s mobile interface works great with my iPhone.  So, what are you waiting for?  Start micro-blogging on Pownce today!

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