Month: December 2007

  • Blog Less, Live More

    I would like to think of this post as a New Year’s Resolution, a very important resolution which will eventually contradict itself. In 2008, I’ll be focusing less on my blog and decreasing my overall online activities in order to effectively “live more.” How will this contradict itself? Well, by living more, I will have…

  • The New Batman Trailer

    The new trailer for Batman: The Dark Knight is now online, featuring plenty of footage and dialogue from the upcoming film.  I would give a brief review of the trailer, but it would just be a repeat of what Joen has already said, so I’ll repeat it with emphasis instead.  “Great take on the Joker, but [very] annoying that Batman’s…

  • Phantom Scream’s First Album

    Bryan’s band, Phantom Scream, has released its first album for download under the “pay what you think it’s worth” model.  That’s right, you get to set your own price.  Who could ask for a more reasonable holiday gift?

  • Frost 1.0

    Joen released Fauna 1.0 on Tuesday. This is the final release of Fauna (excluding bug fixes, of course) and is packed with several noteworthy improvements, including compatibility with WordPress 2.3 (including the new tagging system), a new print stylesheet, and support for the new gravatar plugin, Easy Gravatars. Due to a few small changes made…

  • Upcoming Holiday Concerts in So Cal

    Sarah has posted a list of her upcoming holiday performances this month.  If you’re in the vicinity Tustin, California on December 22nd at 5pm, stop by the Four Crows Center for some great music!