I'm Micro-blogging

Not too long ago, I asked, “To Twitter, or not to Twitter?” Today, I have decided not to Twitter, but I have not given up on micro-blogging. Thanks to Bryan and Pownce, I now have my own micro-blog-ish column. Why Pownce? Because, unlike Twitter, it offers far more options than just micro-blogging text, including the ability to post links and events, and embed photos and videos (via the link option). Why did I finally decide to micro-blog? Because some things are just too small to blog about here. So, if you’re a fan of small-yet-frequent ramblings, please feel free to subscribe to my Pownce column.

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  1. […] point), but it looks like Pownce is finally open to the public!  I have been micro-blogging for a few months now on my Pownce column, and I must say that it’s great to finally have an outlet for those […]