Music Program Notes Has Moved

I am proud to announce that Music Program Notes has been accepted by Wikia, which brings our cost of operations down to zero and exposes our database to Wikia’s large user community! Because of this, I have decided to re-title the database as simply Program Notes, to accommodate program notes for both music and stage productions.

The move started a few days ago when I inquired about the possibility of moving our database to Wikia. Not too long after, Angela Beesley responded to not only say that it was possible, but that she had also created a new wiki for us at Wikia and had safely transfered the entire contents of Music Program Notes to this new wiki. Just a few emails later, Angela had changed the title of the wiki to “Program Notes” and answered numerous questions regarding the configuration of my new wiki at Wikia. Thanks, Angela!

So, without further ado, please visit the new Program Notes database at Wikia and contribute whatever you can. And, if you know any relatives, friends, or acquaintances who can help, please ask them to contribute too.

Blogroll Dive: 9/21/07

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan shared “four tips for a better online buying experience”.
  • Michael discussed the human brain and how the observation of patterns leads to the accumulation of knowledge.
  • Joen discussed the new Photoshop logo.
  • Sarah briefly commented on the successful premiere of another one of her original compositions.
  • Chris re-designed his blog with “some new colors, a revamped logo, and the most striking change, a grid.”
  • Angsuman shared “how to show custom messages/disclaimers on translated pages” with Translator Plugin Pro.
  • And, Tom briefly discussed the addition of presentations to Google Docs.

Blogroll Dive: 9/12/07

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan announced the release of his band’s first EP.
  • Sarah’s upcoming concert “was advertised on the Korean News!”
  • Chris discovered the ridiculous pricing scheme behind a hyped-up software-based iPhone unlocking tool.
  • Angsuman briefly reviewed several open source Windows and Linux HTML editors.
  • And, Tom briefly discussed the addition of search functionality to Google Reader.

I'm Micro-blogging

Not too long ago, I asked, “To Twitter, or not to Twitter?” Today, I have decided not to Twitter, but I have not given up on micro-blogging. Thanks to Bryan and Pownce, I now have my own micro-blog-ish column. Why Pownce? Because, unlike Twitter, it offers far more options than just micro-blogging text, including the ability to post links and events, and embed photos and videos (via the link option). Why did I finally decide to micro-blog? Because some things are just too small to blog about here. So, if you’re a fan of small-yet-frequent ramblings, please feel free to subscribe to my Pownce column.