Transformers Nostalgia

Last Sunday, Sarah and I were lucky enough to see Transformers in our local theater. It was great film. I would have appreciated more character development concerning the Transformers, but it would have been difficult to fit any more into the film without it being considered “too long” by younger audiences. Hopefully, there will be more character development in the sequel. Besides the lack of character development, the film carried a decent plot and featured the most realistic Transformers to date! Best of all, it brought back memories from the long-running and well-established Transformers universe.

Here are four of my favorite moments from the Transformers universe.

SPOILER WARNING: The following clips obviously contain spoilers.

  1. The Autobots meet G.I. Joe in 1939. (review)
  2. Starscream sacrifices himself to save millions of lives by convincing Galvatron and Optimus Prime to join forces against Unicron. (clip)
  3. The “mysterious planet” that the Beast Wars take place on is revealed to be prehistoric Earth, complete with the crashed Ark and dormant G1 Transformers. (clip)
  4. Just about every moment from Beast Machines, especially the last episode. (clip)

It’s hard to choose which video clip to embed at the end of this post, so I’m going to choose the last few minutes from Beast Machines, which just so happens to be the only clip from this list without a cliffhanger ending.