Frost: Release Candidate 2

Yesterday, Joen and the rest of the talented contributers behind Fauna released a second release candidate. This near-final release of Fauna is packed with several noteworthy improvements, including compatibility with WordPress 2.1 and 2.2, an all-new simplified options page, and Fauna-specific widgets. Due to some of the changes made since Fauna’s first release candidate, Frost required a small update to retain its compatibility, and I am proud to say that Frost RC2 is now available for anyone looking to add a different style to Fauna RC2.

Frost is “a cool and refreshing style” for Fauna, inspired by frost, ice, snow, and winter in general. If you’re looking to make a change to your blog’s theme, try Frost today!

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  1. Matthew Treder Avatar
    Matthew Treder

    I’m getting a WordPress error when I try to follow the link.

  2. It looks like Noscope is offline. For now, you can download Fauna RC2 from Fauna’s Google Code page. Noscope is back online!

  3. Just chiming in to say thanks for your great theme.

    As for Noscope being down, yeah that happens far too often. As such, it might make sense to link here instead:

    I plan to keep all mission-critical stuff up to date there, and have the dev blog be what it is: a dev blog.

  4. Thanks for chiming in, Joen, and you are very welcome! I couldn’t have created Frost without your outstanding theme. As for the link change, consider it done.