Favored Freeware: iBackup

iBackup is a simple to use backup and restore utility. iBackup supports scheduled backups of files, folders and applications. Further, it uses plugins to backup your settings like the dock, deskop picture, time, firewall, bluetooth and other system preferences. It is also able to backup application settings. You can add, delete and edit these plugins.

Pros: iBackup is one of the most comprehensive free backup utilities for Mac OS X. It comes pre-loaded with backup plugins for several popular applications and file locations, and supports the creation of your own plugins.

Cons: None significant.

Note: I have not yet had a chance to test iBackup’s restore capabilities, and I hope that I never have to.
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Cal Poly Pomona is not Destroying Books for a Starbucks

It is with much regret that I apologize for my misguided remarks made towards the Cal Poly Pomona library. Unfortunately, the press is not covering both sides of the story and thus clouding the truth. Most importantly, Cal Poly Pomona is not destroying books for a full-service Starbucks Coffee.

Two days ago, I received a response to my request for more information on this conspiracy from archivist and special collections and music librarian Danette Cook Adamson and collection management coordinator Ann Morgan.

My first concern was that Bruce Emerton was the only librarian protesting the library’s destruction of books. As Ms. Adamson mentioned in her response, “[I]f the situation was indeed as being portrayed, you would see all the librarians publicly protesting.”

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Blogroll Dive: 3/12/07

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan discovered how to disable those annoying Snap Preview pop-ups.
  • Michael published his list of the top 50 Science Fiction books.
  • Khaled discovered another collection of free fonts.
  • Jim questioned the fairness of the Google AdSense team.
  • Joen published his March 2007 creative installment.
  • Angsuman discussed the future of Translator Plugin Pro.
  • And, Tom reported on WordPress.com’s new support for OpenID.

The Extended Daylight Savings Time of 2007

It’s March 10th of 2007, which means that it’s almost time to try out the newly extended Daylight Savings Time. For most of the United States and Canada, Daylight Savings Time (DST) will be extended by four weeks this year, beginning three weeks earlier at 2AM tomorrow (March 11th) and ending one week later at 2AM on November 4th. Make sure that your computers and PDAs are up to date before midnight to avoid any Y2K7 issues, and turn your clocks ahead one hour before turning in for the night to comfortably remind yourself about the hour of sleep that you’re about to lose.

Cal Poly Pomona Destroys Books for a Starbucks

Update: All is not as it seems. Emerton has omitted several facts in his campaign and has effectively clouded the truth. I have published a separate post with responses from archivist and special collections and music librarian Danette Cook Adamson and collection management coordinator Ann Morgan.

The library at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona (aka “Cal Poly Pomona”) is destroying books by the thousands as part of a nearly $60 million renovation project which will add, among other new facilities, a full-service Starbucks Coffee. The rampant disposal of nearly 30,000 books, journals, and serials “that had not been used for at least 10 years” and threats against the 300,000 books which have been kept in storage since the renovation began has prompted the action of one lone librarian.

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