Blogroll Dive: 5/29/06

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Michael Heilemann announced that the “Final Cut” of Blade Runner may be released on DVD in 2007.
  • Khaled discussed the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo’s move towards simplified gameplay.
  • Rick discovered a tutorial that shows “how to easily hack a $9 refill from a $200 Monte Blanc pen into a $2 Pilot G-2.”
  • Michael Hampton reported on the use of the State Secrets Privilege to dismiss two NSA lawsuits.
  • Angsuman reported on the settlement of Sony’s Rootkit lawsuit.
  • Mark discussed immigration and the pressure caused by the combination of strict border enforcement and strict legal immigration procedures.
  • And, Tom announced the birth of Enrique Raftery Carnicero.