CMP Media LLC Attacks IT@Cork Over Web 2.0 Trademark

Not too long after the birth of Enrique Raftery Carnicero, Tom Raftery (and the rest of his fellow IT@Cork committee members) received a cease and desist order from CMP Media LLC suggesting that the title of the upcoming IT@Cork Conference, the Web 2.0 Half-Day Conference, was in “flagrant violation” of their “Web 2.0” trademark. The following is an excerpt from an article that I published on earlier today:

IT@Cork, a non-profit organization based in Cork, Ireland, will be presenting a Web 2.0 Half Day Conference on June 8th, 2006. According to CMP, IT@Cork’s usage of “Web 2.0” in their conference’s title “directly violates [CMP’s] exclusive rights” and “can only be viewed as a deliberate attempt to trade off the good will of CMP and cause confusion in the market.”

After a small exchange of communications, IT@Cork was allowed to keep “Web 2.0” in the title of the upcoming Web 2.0 Half-Day Conference, but has been forbidden to use “Web 2.0” in all future conference titles.

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