Newsvine Phase Completed

Today marks the completion of’s Publicity Initiative: Phase 2, aka the “Newsvine Phase”.’s Publicity Initiative is an attempt to discover and deploy new methods to increase’s publicity in order to create a larger audience and [hopefully] inspire me to construct more posts on a regular basis.

The “Newsvine Phase” began as a desire to provide an easy method for readers like you to add’s news-related posts to Newsvine, a news service powered by article submissions from both the Associated Press and users like you. I began using Newsvine earlier this week and have been very pleased with its almost seamless blend of professional news articles and community interaction. One of Newsvine’s most powerful community offerings is the ability to “point readers to articles you’ve read elsewhere on the web with one easy click.” This action of “seeding the vine” allows Newsvine to feature news articles from a wide variety of sources, just by the grace of its highly active user community.

The realization of’s “Newsvine Phase” allows you to easily “seed” any news-related post to Newsvine. Since Newsvine is a news-only service, please only “seed” articles related to current events and the news in general. If you want to “seed” more news articles from around the web, there is an easy-to-use “Seed Newsvine” button available for all browsers.

After being inspired by Sociable, I chose to depart from the text-based links that I had created during the “Delicious Phase” and use image-based links in order to accommodate for the addition of Newsvine and future additions of a similar nature.

Once again, thank you for reading and taking the time to submit feedback to make this a more enjoyable blog for both you and me.

2 responses

  1. James – how did the phase work out in terms of growing your audience?

  2. To be honest, I have received only one visitor from since the completion of the “Delicious Phase”, so I can’t say that it has been an overwhelming success. I guess you could say that I am desperately trying to increase the publicity of, but I know that the true problem really lies with the frequency and content of posts here. I want my blog to be just as successful as yours and the rest of the blogs in my blogroll, but I just don’t have the time to keep up with it.