Favored Freeware: SafarIcon

SafarIcon allows you to change Safari’s user interface by installing icons as well as other application resources such as nib files and localization files. SafarIcon automatically downloads and installs a set of high quality icon themes. SafarIcon copies all graphical elements of Safari’s user interface from its own themes into the Resources folder of Safari.app. The application previews the new icons in a simulated browser window. SafarIcon also gives you the option to install Brush Metal, Aqua or Unified appearances of both the browser and download windows with optional installation of a New tab button. In addition, it allows you set various hidden, but useful preference settings for Safari that are not accessible to the user through Safari.

Pros: If you use Safari and desire a change of scenery, then SafarIcon is for you! The ability to set Safari’s hidden preferences is definitely a welcome addition.

Cons: None significant.