Blogroll Dive: 3/6/06

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan provided a few tips to increase your productivity.
  • Owen released MicroWiki 2.0.
  • Michael Heilemann posted the premiere episode of the new Binary Bonsai Podcast.
  • Khaled posted a “heads up on several things that [he’s] been working on and will be completing in the near future.”
  • Rick announced the results of Abby’s “Dog as Art” photo shoot. (Rick, she was a great puppy, and I will miss her too. I wish her luck and a happy, care-free life in her new home.)
  • Michael Hampton ruminated on “the freedom you don’t know about.”
  • Sarah had a successful recital.
  • And, Angsuman reported on “unrest in Googleplex.”

Spotlight Update: Mozilla Foundation Projects

Do you ever find yourself wondering what the Mozilla Foundation is up to? Wondering how well their current projects are doing? Well, in that case, it’s time for an opinionated review, which has once again been updated to reflect the current versions. This updated review briefly covers Firefox v1.5, Camino v1.0, and Thunderbird v1.5. Enjoy the Spotlight on the Current Mozilla Foundation Projects!

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