Blogroll Dive: 1/23/06

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan discovered an interesting article on how to train others to use email.
  • Owen shared his favorite Firefox extensions.
  • Bonnie finally upgraded to WordPress v2.0 and smashed a few bugs along the way.
  • Khaled designed a logo for Broken Kode.
  • Rick announced that Abby, his new puppy, will be posing for a coffee table book.
  • Jim needs beta testers for the next release of Cache Out X.
  • Orson ruminated on “creation and evolution in the schools.”
  • Sarah announced the success of her first recording project.
  • And, Tom discussed the U.S. Department of Justice’s request to receive “a week’s worth of search data from the major U.S. search engines.”

Cyberduck Update v2.5.4

Cyberduck has been updated to v2.5.4. This update fixes a few bugs which caused “random” crashes and a bug which caused excessive CPU usage while downloading files. The release notes are available here. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Cyberduck here.

Favored Freeware: Google Earth

Google Earth combines satellite imagery, maps, and the power of Google Search to put the world’s geographic information at your fingertips. Google Earth puts a planet’s worth of imagery and other geographic information right on your desktop. View exotic locales like Maui and Paris as well as points of interest such as local restaurants, hospitals, schools, and more.

Pros: Google Earth makes the entire globe searchable by addresses or keywords with high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery, 3D terrain, 3D buildings in select cities, points of interest (such as hotels, gas stations, restaurants, schools, and parks), and the ability to view and print driving directions. Google Earth is a cross-platform application for Mac and Windows.

Cons: None significant.

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Free Windows Media Player Alternatives

In this week’s Freeloader Friday, Brian presents us with a few useful and free alternatives to Microsoft’s discontinued Windows Media Player for Mac users. If you enjoyed this week’s Freeloader Friday, then you may also be interested in a few reruns, such as Alternative Office and Best of 2005.