Apple Announces iLife ’06 with iWeb

Apple has announced iLife ’06, an update to its popular (and low-cost) digital-media-hub. According to MacMerc:

iLife ’06 is a universal application suite, which means that it can run on both Intel-based and PowerPC-based Macs.

iPhoto ’06: iPhoto is faster [and contains a new] “Podcasting for photos” feature (dubbed Photocasting) to easily share your photos online. You will need to be a .Mac member to use this feature.

iMovie ’06: [iMovie allows you to] Easily export out to your iPod to create video podcasts. You can also have more than one project open at once, finally!

iDVD ’06: [iDVD is now] widescreen savvy [and ships with] even more themes. Third-party DVD burners are now supported.

GarageBand 3: Garageband now has a “Podcast Recording Studio”, 200 more effects, and ties in with iChat to do interviews, [which] will be great for podcasting!

iWeb ’06: [iWeb] shares your media (photos/music/movies) and blogs, and makes it easy to post your stuff online (even creates an RSS feed). Unfortunately, it works through .Mac, so you will need to be a .Mac member to use iWeb.