Blogroll Dive: 1/9/06

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan has decided to employ the time-tested use of index cards for task management.
  • Owen is tired of receiving a static shock whenever he exits his vehicle and is looking for advice on how to avoid it.
  • Michael Heilemann launched the official Binary Bonsai Forums to handle all Kubrick and K2 support requests.
  • Khaled is celebrating two years of blogging.
  • Rick launched a Frappr group for MacMerc readers.
  • Michael Hampton is requesting donations to “ensure that [he] can continue to devote time to Homeland Stupidity, Bad Behavior, WordPress, and other open source software” after the tragic death of his computer.
  • Jim is still looking for a new icon for the upcoming Yasu v2.0 release.
  • Jon reported on the latest in cell phone news from this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.
  • And, Angsuman posted a few “interviewing tips for landing your dream job.”


2 responses

  1. One thing confuses me…do you only go through your blogroll once a week? 🙂

  2. I usually read my blogs daily, but I only look through them for posts to highlight once every week. So, since I am digging for highlight postings through the weekly archives of each blog, it’s more of a weekly “dive” than a daily read.