Month: December 2005

  • Favored Freeware: Conversation

    Conversation makes chatting on the IRC network as easy as using iChat and other IM clients. Conversation allows you to chat in channels and with your friends in a simple, elegant and Mac-like interface without the use of any text commands, and it has a comprehensive set of features, some unique to Conversation. Pros: Conversation…

  • Update v2.0.1 has been updated to v2.0.1. This update fixes a few minor bugs and adds some new features. It is now possible to disable and hide particular application settings, which comes in handy for central administration in networks. Plus, a new keyboard shortcut permits the user to return to a saved cursor position. The bullets…

  • Mactracker Update v4.0.2

    Mactracker has been updated to v4.0.2. This update adds a timeline feature to view models by introduction date, updated information for the latest iPods, and a few minor bug fixes. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Mactracker here.

  • Blogroll Dive: 12/19/05

    Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive: Bryan discusses the possibility of using a clever desktop picture, combined with folders or text files, as a day-to-day organizer. Bonnie discovers extraterrestrial life in her local post office. Michael Heilemann reviews King Kong. Brian looses track of time on Yahoo! Answers. Khaled introduces “Autumnal”, his first…

  • Review: TuneTech for iPod

    TuneTech is essentially an iPod-specific version of Drive Genius. Prosoft Engineering claims that TuneTech is “the only comprehensive software utility geared specifically toward iPod users,” but is it really necessary? Read the review to learn more about TuneTech.