Blogroll Dive: 12/12/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bonnie discovers an incredibly thick protein shake.
  • Michael reviews Symphony, a new blogging platform.
  • Khaled is looking for a good distributer for his upcoming line of Broken Kode t-shirts.
  • Kafkaesquí posts an intriguing question of a technical nature.
  • Rick offers a rather thoughtful New Year’s resolution.
  • Jim releases a long-awaited update to Cache Out X.
  • Jon recommends Marware’s “PowerBook Protection Pack” for all Apple PowerBook users.
  • Sarah is excited to announce the completion of her latest compositional project, “Three Images of Christ’s Final Hours”.
  • Angsuman learns that a lawsuit has been filed against Google for click-fraud.
  • Mark discusses a clever riddle involving airplanes and conveyor belts.
  • And, Tom reports on Yahoo’s recent purchase of


One response

  1. […] I’m a little bummed. I just remembered that I made a shout out for anyone interested in designing an icon for the new version of Yasu a little while back and got absolutely NO (zero, nada, zippo) pings from anyone in reply. That was even with Jim “MacManX” Huff including it in one if his now famous blogroll dives for the world to see. […]