Favored Freeware: Fish

Fish is an aquarium simulator. It allows you to add fish to an underwater environment and customize them. Fish show complex behavior. You can feed them, see their evolution as they grow, use different cameras to track them, and save different aquariums for later use. Fish can also be shared with others over a local network.

Pros: Fish will provide you with hours of serene fish-related enjoyment. It is a powerful, intelligent, and fun aquarium simulator. Once you install Fish, add a few random fish (or select your own), and activate the Full Screen mode, you will never again have to worry about buying expensive fish food and aquarium maintenance supplies.

Cons: Unfortunately, Fish is not available as a screen saver.

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Free Task Management Services

In this week’s Freeloader Friday, Brian presents us with a few useful and free AJAX-powered task management services. If you enjoyed this week’s Freeloader Friday, then you may also be interested in a few reruns, such as Online Office, AJAX Applications [Part 1], and AJAX Applications [Part 2].

RSSOwl v1.2 Fixed for Mac Users

RSSOwl v1.2 has been fixed for Mac users. The first release of RSSOwl v1.2 was temporarily suspended for Mac users due to a bug which caused a random crash when attempting to manage favorites. This bug has now been fixed, and the Mac version of RSSOwl v1.2 is once again available for download. The release notes are available here. Read the Favored Freeware entry for RSSOwl here.

Camino Update v1.0b1

Camino has been updated to v1.0b1. This update adds several security fixes, advertisement blocking, form auto-fill (from the Address Book), searchable history, several rendering engine improvements, and many more improvements and features.

Camino 1.0 Beta 1 brings you a heavily updated version of the only native Mac OS X browser using Mozilla.org’s Gecko HTML rendering engine. We made great improvements, adding new features, improving existing features, and fixing many bugs and performance issues.

This update is recommended for all users. The release notes are available here. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Camino here.

Blogroll Dive: 11/7/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan discovers a useful and free disposable email address service.
  • Owen ruminates on a proposed regulation which could allow the Federal Election Commission to police blogs and moderate freedom of speech.
  • Michael Heilemann reports that Invader, Binary Bonsai’s complex re-design, has hit the 60% mark.
  • Khaled ruminates on comic book publishing.
  • Michael Hampton discusses the importance of the Online Freedom of Speech Act.
  • Angsuman discovers the ten commandments for manufacturers of consumer electronics.
  • Mark discusses his displeasure with a new proposal which could cause “every penny of tax levied against oil companies to be paid by consumers.”
  • And, Tom finishes his RSS for non-Techies presentation and publicly publishes an MP3 and accompanying PDF of the presentation.