Firefox Update v1.5

Firefox has been updated to v1.5. “Firefox 1.5 introduces several new features, including an improved software update system, faster Back/Forward page navigation, a new options to clear private browsing data, drag-and-drop reordering of browser tabs, a redesigned Options/Preferences window and more robust popup blocking.” The release notes are available here. Read the Favored Freeware entry for Firefox here.

6 responses

  1. […] I find lots of useful freeware from James Huff’s (aka MacManx) Freeware reviews. They are primarily targeted for Mac platform but many of them are also available on Windows. […]

  2. So I switched from WinXP to a Mac. Previously when I upgraded to a newer version my bookmarks were saved… that’s not the case with the mac version of firefox

  3. Really? I had no problems with my bookmarks after the update. Have you checked with the Firefox Support Forum?

  4. It was odd, after loosing bookmarks and preferences, I reopened the .dmg file. And with a second install all preferences accept the homepage were saved indeed (so it have been me and not FF)…

  5. Very odd indeed. If you can, I recommend that you delete all of Firefox’s preference files and start fresh.

  6. Will try it. Likes Opera more