Blogroll Dive: 11/21/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Owen receives his XBox 360, three days before its official North American release!
  • Bonnie puts Darth Vader to the test.
  • Michael is looking for a few “quality K2 customizations”.
  • Brian briefly discusses the layers of Web 2.0.
  • Khaled dispels a few rumors surrounding InkSmith.
  • Craig learns that Sony’s DRM Rootkit is in violation of their own customer satisfaction philosophy.
  • Orson ruminates on truth in the news.
  • Angsuman learns that Sony’s DRM Rootkit infringes on the copyright of “several open source projects”.
  • And, Tom publicly publishes an MP3 of his interview with Robert Scoble.