Blogroll Dive: 11/7/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan discovers a useful and free disposable email address service.
  • Owen ruminates on a proposed regulation which could allow the Federal Election Commission to police blogs and moderate freedom of speech.
  • Michael Heilemann reports that Invader, Binary Bonsai’s complex re-design, has hit the 60% mark.
  • Khaled ruminates on comic book publishing.
  • Michael Hampton discusses the importance of the Online Freedom of Speech Act.
  • Angsuman discovers the ten commandments for manufacturers of consumer electronics.
  • Mark discusses his displeasure with a new proposal which could cause “every penny of tax levied against oil companies to be paid by consumers.”
  • And, Tom finishes his RSS for non-Techies presentation and publicly publishes an MP3 and accompanying PDF of the presentation.