Safari Passes the Acid2 Test

Back in April, I reported the release of Acid2, a new standards compliance test. Seven months later, I am proud to report that Safari is the first publicly-released browser to pass the Acid2 test. Passing the Acid2 test was no walk in the park for the Safari and WebKit developers. If you don’t believe me, take the Acid2 test with Firefox v1.0.7 or Internet Explorer v6.x. If you are interested in the more technical aspects of this accomplishment, then you may want to see the list of changes that the Safari and WebKit developers have made in order to pass the Acid2 test.

(hat-tip: Tom)

5 responses

  1. Hooray! But will it show the quicktags in WordPress? And will they work properly?

    Those quicktags were the only reason I switched to Firefox.

  2. WordPress’ quicktags won’t show in Safari because they were disabled for Safari by the WordPress developers. You can, however, apply this hack to make them appear. They do their job, but not as well as they do in Firefox.

  3. I was looking for that hack! Thanks.

    I tried it now with Safari 2.0.1 and you’re right, the quicktags still don’t work very well. Dang!

  4. Most of the Acid2-related changes were made to WebKit’s rendering engine, so I don’t think that improving Safari’s javascript support was an immediate concern with this release. Now that the Safari and WebKit developers have passed the Acid2 test, they should have enough time to focus on some of the various javascript support issues that have plagued Safari since day 1.

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