Blogroll Dive: 10/31/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

Owen ruminates on the future of WordPress’ upgrade documentation and why “simple” is never better when dealing with documentation.
Bonnie discovers an article which puts an end to the poisoned Halloween candy myth.
Michael Heilemann discusses Apple’s tribute to Rosa Parks.
Brian lists a few Microsoft Office alternatives, and explains why “Microsoft Office is no more of a must buy than a giant pizza costume.”
Khaled completes his Gallery section (more content will be added in due time).
Michael Hampton ruminates on the new Akismet anti-spam plugin for WordPress and what the future holds for other anti-spam plugins.
Orson ruminates on badly read audio books.
Sarah discovers an improvement in her tone and intonation through the use of a single ear plug.
Angsuman learns how to change the search engine that is used by Firefox’s location bar keyword search feature.
And, Tom discusses a recent outlandish statement made by Forbes magazine.