Google Reader Subscription Button

According to my blog’s statistics, Google Reader is becoming a popular online news aggregator. My main complaint with Google Reader is that it prefers to organize new posts by date or “relevance” and not by feed, so it’s not as comprehensive as older services (such as Bloglines), but Google Reader is actually a very efficient news aggregator if you prefer organization by date or “relevance”. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an easy subscription button for Google Reader that matched the style of the rest of my easy subscription buttons, so I whipped this one up a few nights ago. Feel free to use it on your blog too.

14 responses to “Google Reader Subscription Button”

  1. Thanks for the Google Reader tip, Randy. It works, but it’s a still a bit more cumbersome than Bloglines. As for Chris’ buttons, they were nice, but I needed something to match the style of my other subscription buttons.

  2. I uploaded an OPMLfile to Google Reader with a few hundred subscription. But after that there’s no way to unsubscribe and organize those manually one by one. It’s a nuisance. there should be a way to delete whole labels/folders.

  3. Yes, I noticed that too. You can organize and unsubscribe via the “Your Subscriptions” interface. It’s still a bit cumbersome, but I’m sure that will change before Google Reader leaves the beta testing period.

  4. Yeah, the “Reader” text is a wee bit blurry, but I can’t get it to be any cleaner with a file size of 1k, so it will have to do for now.

    P.S. Thanks for linking back! ^_-