The New iPod

Apple has put an end to the “Video iPod” speculation that has surrounded the Apple community for the past year. The new iPod is “lighter and thinner” than previous models and sports both a larger 2.5-inch color screen and the ability to play videos. The accompanying release of iTunes 6 (Wasn’t iTunes 5 released last month?) adds a new Video Store to Apple’s marketing lineup. “Music videos, Pixar shorts and select ABC and Disney television shows” are currently available for purchase at the price of only $1.99 each. The new iPod is available in either black or white with capacities of 30GB and 60GB.

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  1. […] The new iPod was released earlier today, and I can’t say that I am as impressed as the rest of the crowd. Sure, it’s a new iPod, but does it bring anything useful to the plate? I know that you’re going to tell me that it adds video support. Well, that’s nice, but how would you use it? […]