The New iMac: First Impressions

The new iMac was released earlier today, and it does bring some exciting additions and improvements to the iMac line. From “video chatting made easy” to commanding “an entire world of music, photos, movies and DVDs from your sofa,” the new iMac is a bold addition to Apple’s product line.

Forget the built-in microphones of old. That wave of the future is here, and each new iMac wears its own built-in iSight camera and microphone with a certain pride and joy that can only be expressed by an Apple computer. I have only used my iSight once. In fact, I lose it more often than I use it. Well, with the new iMac, you will never have to worry about losing your iSight again. Because, if you lost your iSight, that would mean that you have lost your iMac too. However, I imagine that this built-in camera will be a concern to some users. I have only used my iSight once. Why I would I want it to be built in to my computer? And, what if someone is watching me through the built-in iSight when I don’t want them to. Call me paranoid, but if Apple doesn’t include a system preference to deactivate the built-in iSight, then I imagine that the first new iMac accessory will be a tiny plastic cap that snaps on over the built-in iSight’s lens.

On the other hand, I am very interested in the new Front Row feature. According to Apple, Front Row allows you to “enjoy your music, movies, and photos from any seat in the house on a gorgeous, liquid crystal display.” This effectively places the new iMac at the center of your home entertainment system, and establishes it as Apple’s first attempt at a Media Center PC. If you are planning to upgrade your home entertainment system, then you may want to give some serious consideration to one of these new iMacs.

And, don’t discount the iMac’s effectiveness as a regular desktop computer. In fact, with the newly increased performance specifications, the new iMac will make a very effective desktop computer.

2 responses

  1. Front Row is awesome, yes, but it’s not ready for the living room. It’ll need a TV tuner of sorts.

    Still, the UI and iLife integration are hard to beat. I’m very seriously considering getting an iMac as my next computer.

  2. Good catch on the TV tuner. With any hope, there will be a third-party solution with Front Row integration in the near future.