Favored Freeware: DeliciWeb

DeliciWeb enables you to export, in one click, the entire content of your Book, Games, Movie, and/or Music collections [from Delicious Library] to the web. I have tried another tool like this one in the past, but it wasn’t as simple to install and the HTML wasn’t as “clean” as I liked it, so here is DeliciWeb.

Pros: DeliciWeb is very simple to use and creates a clean and concise HTML version of your library.

Cons: DeliciWeb does not support custom image sizes yet, nor does it allow the user to make a distinction between image sizes in the library view and image sizes in the item view. In the current version (v1.2), all message text is displayed in French. Mon Dieu!


  1. Thanks for the update, iMax! I will be publishing my annual library update later this week, so I look forward to using DeliciWeb v2.

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