Favored Freeware: DeliciWeb

DeliciWeb enables you to export, in one click, the entire content of your Book, Games, Movie, and/or Music collections [from Delicious Library] to the web. I have tried another tool like this one in the past, but it wasn’t as simple to install and the HTML wasn’t as “clean” as I liked it, so here is DeliciWeb.

Pros: DeliciWeb is very simple to use and creates a clean and concise HTML version of your library.

Cons: DeliciWeb does not support custom image sizes yet, nor does it allow the user to make a distinction between image sizes in the library view and image sizes in the item view. In the current version (v1.2), all message text is displayed in French. Mon Dieu!

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  2. I have (finally) released the version 2, and it fixes the “French” bug plus some others… and it’s now universal Binary 🙂


  3. Thanks for the update, iMax! I will be publishing my annual library update later this week, so I look forward to using DeliciWeb v2.