Red vs. Blue

I can’t believe that I have never seen Red vs. Blue before. Red vs. Blue is the popular machinima comedy based on Halo. Red vs. Blue will have you laughing non-stop. Combined with my recent coverage of Halo’s physics, it must be Halo comedy week! Just so you know what you’re getting into, I’ve cut a short preview from Episode 39: Best Laid Plans. Enjoy!

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  1. Red vs. Blue is one of the best short clips that I have ever seen! When I first saw it I wanted to down load all of the cartoons they have ever made so if any one reads this and can tell me where to get it please E mail me and let me know!

  2. They only keep a small amount of current episodes on their site. You’ll have to buy the Red vs. Blue DVDs to see the rest of the episodes.

  3. Francisco Javier Avatar
    Francisco Javier

    En verdad no e visto tal comedia en especial de halo