Blogroll Dive: 6/6/05

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

Bryan discovers a Firefox extension that can send instant messages to cell phones.
Owen encounters content thieves.
Michael premieres Vader, a new Binary Bonsai design.
Khaled highlights a whole year of Broken Kode.
Rick embraces the power of the seat kicker.
Orson asks, “Is It Bad to Be Fat?”
Chris shares more of the secrets behind creating WordPress themes.
And, Tom is excited about today’s Apple/Intel news.


2 responses

  1. Excited is probably a strong word James!

    We have been presented with a fait accompli. There’s no point bitchin about it. If it means I’ll get a faster PowerBook sooner, then I’m happy.

    It is only an under the hood hardware change, after all. It will still be OS X – and hopefully faster!


  2. Honestly, I’m more interested in how this will change Apple as a company. Will their business practices be different? Will their customer focus shift? How long until OS 11? And, whatever happened to the Frankenstein Monster? Only time will tell.