WordPress Presents: Browse Happy

The Web Standards Project has become concerned with the anti-IE [anti-Internet Explorer] attitude behind their [former] poster project, Browse Happy. WaSP, the Web Standards Project, has always wished to remain impartial in the browser wars. Although IE has been known to incorrectly render content that complies with various web standards, WaSP’s hope has always been to work with Microsoft to iron out the bugs, not lead a boycott campaign against it. In light of this revelation, WaSP has decided to cut its ties with Browse Happy. Fortunately, WordPress will be taking Browse Happy under its wing and will be responsible for all aspects of the former WaSP poster project, including content, hosting, funding, and maintenance.

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  1. WASP Sheds Browse Happy

    Firefox, Mozilla, Opera and Safari are not the only alternative browsers

  2. “Ever-increasing anti-IE attitude?” Among people linking to Browse Happy, perhaps, but as for the site itself, I don’t think I’ve noticed any changes since last August.

    Still, an understandable decision from the WaSP folks. I’m just trying to figure out how WordPress ended up with it!

  3. I consider Browse Happy’s tagline, “Internet Explorer can make your computer unsafe. Why not switch to a browser that’s more secure?”, to be “anti-IE” in nature.

    Matt Mullenweg, WordPress’ lead developer, is a WaSP group member and writes for the Buzz Blog. I would assume that WaSP offered Browse Happy to their group members first, and Matt expressed interest in it.

  4. I’m not disagreeing with the “anti-IE” part. I’m disagreeing with the “ever-increasing” part. I haven’t noticed any substantial changes to Browse Happy over the last 10 months, so I don’t see how the site is any more anti-IE today than it was back then. Now that I think about it, it’s really just a nitpick, but for some reason it jumped out at me when I read your post.

    I hadn’t realized Matt was a WaSP member. (Or if I had, I’d forgotten.) That makes the transfer a lot less random!

  5. […] a WaSP Buzz) Update: WordPress has posted their own announcement. Update 2: MacManX has pointed out that lead WordPress developer Matt Mullenweg is […]

  6. Good point, Kelson. In that case I can agree with you on, “Among people linking to Browse Happy, perhaps, but as for the site itself, I don’t think I’ve noticed any changes since last August.” I guess I was just going off of the overall air and feel of Browse Happy across the web when I wrote this.