What is "Free"?

What is “free”? “Free” is, “not imprisoned or enslaved.” “Free” is, “unconstrained.” “Free” is, “unobstructed, without blockages.” “Free” is, “without obligations.” “Free” is, “obtainable without payment” (Wiktionary). For the purpose of this monologue, “free” is something one receives without returning payment of some form.


Ok, I’ve restored from a pre-incident backup, and hopefully that will fix things. It appears that I have far more problems than I previously thought. Bloglines now reads my feeds again (which is a good thing), but NewsGator is still refusing to see updates, and all old posts are displayed in a random order. Technorati is also no longer displaying any of my updates since the incident. This is slowly going from bad to worse, and I have already spent too much time on this soapbox, a soapbox which only a handful of individuals are kind enough to read.

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The Frustration Will Never Stop

Well, I tried to add a copyright message to my feeds today, but something went horribly wrong. The RSS feeds appeared to be just fine in normal aggregators, and the feeds were valid, but web-based aggregators (like Bloglines and NewsGator) ceased to notice new posts and began to present the posts from my feeds in a seemingly random order. This may be related to Angsuman’s plugin, or it may not. Knowing my luck, this probably has nothing to do with Angsuman’s plugin. However, this wouldn’t be the first time that a plugin has caused some damage to this blog. I usually prefer to troubleshoot the problem and find a solution, but I currently lack the time, resources, and drive to do that. I’m tired of stupid little things like this. Blogging should never be this difficult. Craig (NuclearMoose) was right.