1. http://us4.php.net/security.cgi-bin

    It’s slightly more secure, but less featured than running PHP as an Apache module. Some of my [sarcasm]favorite[/sarcasm] features of running PHP as CGI is the fact that all PHP scripts are identified as php.cgi rather than their given script name (thus confusing and/or breaking some scripts), and that emulated apache errors are not registered into the access logs and not correctly presented to the offending party (thus making Referrer Karma and Bad Behavior practically useless).

  2. James, hope you are enjoying the new host. Is it my imagination or is the site running a tad slower – maybe it is a dns resolution issue.


  3. That’s odd. It could be DNS, but everything I’m seeing and everything I’ve checked points to it running faster by at least 10%.

  4. Nah, after a quick trip around the site, it was the lag bringing up the initial page which made it seem slow. After that the site is running well, so it was obviously dns

  5. I know they do. I don’t want to rain on your parade, but it’s also a very crippled implementation of PHP. If you search the DH discussion boards, you’ll find more than enough issues with it. DH’s focus is always on security more than functionality. This is one reason why I will always recommend DH to anyone looking for a secure hosting provider. Unfortunately, I need functionality more.

  6. Now wait just a danged minute! I have Bluehost as my host as well, and my account is configured to run PHP as CGI. How is it that yours is not?

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