The Spam Wars Continue

Unfortunately, due to a recent wave of spam, I have been forced to deactivate Spam Karma. This new wave appears to be somewhat “intelligent” and is somehow avoiding Spam Karma’s blacklist. Even worse is that fact that Spam Karma is somehow blocking WordPress’ blacklist, so the spam is just calmly making its way into my comments. I will now employ the services of .htaccess and WordPress’ default anti-spam tools. I’m sure that Tom, Matt, Bryan, and Michael will be happy to hear this.

7 replies on “The Spam Wars Continue”

  1. Yes, I’m very pleased. 😀 Fortunately for me, I haven’t seen any wave. I’m sorry to hear that you’re getting hit.

  2. I did try Spaminator once. I’m not sure why, but it ate every single legitimate comment left on this blog during its short employ.

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