Month: April 2005

  • Favored Freeware: Yasu

    Yasu is a Cocoa application wrapper built with AppleScript Studio that allows system administrators, as well as standard users, to conveniently run various system level Unix shell scripts in order to perform maintenance routines and clear the various cache files used by OS X. Yasu was designed to be a simple, first line of attack…

  • Tiger Successfully Installed

    I have successfully installed Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger). Currently, the only issue that I have to report is that the “Find and install new 3rd-party QuickTime software” link in the QuickTime pref pane goes nowhere (it goes to one of Apple’s custom 404 error pages). Out of my Blogroll: Tom has had issues with…

  • Yasu Update v1.2b2

    Yasu has been updated to v1.2b2 This update has been developed specifically for Mac OS X 10.4 users. Yasu v1.0.3 is still aviailable for users of Mac OS X 10.2-10.3. Yasu is currently part of my recommended Routine Maintenance.

  • Firefox Tops 50,000,000 Downloads

    Not too long ago, Firefox passed the 50,000,000 mark for downloads since v1.0. At the time of this posting, Firefox had been downloaded 50,070,150 times since the release of v1.0.

  • Tiger Pouncing on Tiger

    TigerDirect has filed a lawsuit against Apple, citing that Mac OS X 10.4 “Tiger” infringes “upon Tiger Direct’s trademarks surrounding the name Tiger.” The full story and legal documents are available in this MacMerc exclusive. The official hearing is set for Tuesday, May 3rd. Update: After further reading, it looks like TigerDirect tried to legally…