WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions

Is your WordPress blog being hammered by comment, trackback, and/or referrer spam? Then look no further than the WordPress Codex document on Combatting Comment Spam. This comprehensive document will guide you through using WordPress’ default anti-spam tools, provide you with anti-spam plugins and captcha, and teach you how to block spammers with .htaccess. This is a recommended read for all WordPress users.

Currently, MacManX.com uses Bad Behavior and Akismet.

5 responses to “WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions”

  1. Well, it’s kind of on the same line as seeing “Your Comment is Being Held for Moderation”. Anywho, yours was moderated because your “server request contained the HTTP_VIA header,” which is how a majority of my spam arrives.

  2. It seems that Bad Behavior will stop my SPAM-ING Problems for my comment script. I think I am gonne try it out. Thanks for the advice..
    Greets Jens