WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions

Is your WordPress blog being hammered by comment, trackback, and/or referrer spam? Then look no further than the WordPress Codex document on Combatting Comment Spam. This comprehensive document will guide you through using WordPress’ default anti-spam tools, provide you with anti-spam plugins and captcha, and teach you how to block spammers with .htaccess. This is a recommended read for all WordPress users.

Currently, uses Bad Behavior and Akismet.

5 replies on “WordPress Anti-Spam Solutions”

Well, it’s kind of on the same line as seeing “Your Comment is Being Held for Moderation”. Anywho, yours was moderated because your “server request contained the HTTP_VIA header,” which is how a majority of my spam arrives.

It seems that Bad Behavior will stop my SPAM-ING Problems for my comment script. I think I am gonne try it out. Thanks for the advice..
Greets Jens

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