Favored Freeware: MakingMusic

MakingMusic is an online Musical Instrument Encyclopedia, providing a description, an image and a sound clip per instrument. This is an ongoing Freeware project, with new instruments being added to the database as the research progresses. Each time you launch the application you may find you have access to different amounts of information. The aim of the project is to form a comprehensive database of musical instruments, the criteria being anything from any culture or any age that is used to make music. This may take some time!

Pros: MakingMusic provides a large and comprehensive database which also accepts community submissions. As well as being a Mac-only application, MakingMusic is also provided as a web-based Flash version.

Cons: None significant.

5 responses

  1. I looked through your freeware list but can’t find Quicksilver. That’s like one of my most frequently used software. You should definitely check it out =)

  2. I was never a fan of application switchers, but I’ll try it out today.

  3. I used LaunchBar at first, but I couldn’t get rid of the dock icon and it kept telling me to pay. So I ditched it and went for Quicksilver. Man, that was definitely the nicest piece of software I’ve ever used. Apart from it’s functionality, it looks really pretty too =)
    Honestly, if I have to pay for $30 bucks for Quicksilver, I will. But it’s always nice the developers keep it free!

  4. Today I just found another nice freeware: CocoaMySQL. It’s a MySQL Database Manager for Mac OS X and it lets you mange both local and remote databases. It’s a good tool to use with WordPress, if you need to edit something which cannot be edited from WP-Admin panel (for example, post-id). =)

  5. Thanks for pointing that out! I’m a little bit worried about the date it was last updated (Sept. 2003), but it should be fun to try at least.