Referrer Karma is Amazing

I’m back now, and shocked to see that Spam Karma only had to delete three spam comments (and moderate Rori’s comment thanks to the inclusion of everyone’s favorite little blue pill). After checking my logs, it appears that I owe this glorious break to none other than Referrer Karma. I actually installed Referrer Karma to keep the nasties out of my referrer reports, but it looks like it’s keeping the comment spammers away too. I have been typing this blog post for the past twenty minutes and I just can’t find a way to explain how it works in simple terms. Basically, bad stuff is kept out, and good stuff is allowed in. False positives haven’t been a problem. If a false positive is generated, the [human] visitor is still allowed to access the site. If you want a better explanation, follow the Referrer Karma link above.

4 responses

  1. *goes to look*

  2. I’ve looked into this myself, but haven’t quite figured it out. I guess I need to poke around some more.

    I use WPBlacklist and Kittie’s apps, haven’t had a spammer yet, althought, it’s been only 1.5 weeks since my site’s been up. ha.

  3. ::evil grin:: Oh, you’ll get spam, just give it time. ^_-

  4. Try to get it to work – it rocks. I’m loving it.