New WP Nightly Build Procedure

The WordPress developers have redefined the Nightly Build procedure. In my opinion, this is one of the best improvements to come around during the v1.5 era. The new procedure requires Nightly Build testers to be registered with the wp-testers mailing list. This will effectively improve the Nightly Build test process and remove all Nightly Build support discussion from the WordPress Support Forums. “Hopefully with these changes the support forums can become more focused on helping the most people as possible and not guessing what version people run. Those who truly want to live on the bleeding edge and find and squash bugs now have a real place to discuss the nightlies.” ~ Carthik

One response

  1. I love what they have done. This makes it also easier on us chickenheads, who like to live behind the fence of “stable downloads” not to get SO confused on the support boards.