Month: February 2005

  • Switching Anti-Spam Plugins

    Well, Spam Karma let a good amount of trackback spam through today. I won’t lay the blame on the developer. The trackback filtering was experimental, and his primary focus appears to be WP v1.5b. Unfortunately, I enabled Spam Karma to block the trackback spam. Don’t get me wrong, Spam Karma did a wonderful job against…

  • v2.1

    Not much has changed. If you’re not human and have the ability to easily distinguish pixels, you’ll notice that the corners of the rounded rectangles have been cleaned up. Thanks go to Michael Heilemann for this minor Kubrick update.

  • Fighting the Good Fight

    In an attempt to stop the insane multitude of comment and tackback spam flying my direction, I have implemented the grand-daddy of all anti-spam plugins, Spam Karma. Spam Karma checks comments/trackbacks for the following: if the poster is logged in the current blog and what his user level is (e.g. automatically approve Admin posts), presence…