Beenox Studios Will Port Myst V to Mac

Beenox Studios has announced that it will be developing the Mac port of Myst V: End of Ages. Myst V is the last installment of the popular Myst Series. It is currently being developed by Cyan Worlds, and will be published by Ubisoft. For more information on Myst V: End of Ages, read the official Press Release.

Stat Wars

With the release of WordPress v1.5, the battle to develop the number-one stats plugin has begun. Owen Winkler’s BAStats (download) is looking very promising. BAStats is the new kid on the block, but Owen has already packed it with features. BAStats is currently in the alpha stage of development. As a surprise, Randy Peterman has returned to the development of StatTraq. StatTraq is the former power-house of WordPress stats, but is not functional in WordPress v1.5 without the addition of a few hacks. Randy is currently taking suggestions for the next version of StatTraq and is planning to implement a fast and possibly javascript-powered interface. As for myself, I am currently happy with with StatCounter, though I do plan to switch to either BAStats or StatTraq v2 in the near future. It will be interesting to see how far along these two stat plugins are in a month’s time.

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A WordPress Plugin Tutorial

If you’re interested in writing your own WordPress plugins, look no further than Owen’s tutorial, How to Write a Simple WordPress Plugin. As an additional reference, you may want to read Carthik’s Plunge Into Plugins. If you’re looking for free text editor for your platform, take a look through this list. If you’re looking for other WordPress plugins, stop by the official Plugin Repository and the unofficial Plugins Database.

A Dive Through the Blogroll

Out of nothing but sheer boredom, I decided to take a dive through my Blogroll. Here are the highlights from this evening’s dive:

Bryan returns from vacation and finds that my keyword moderation list is quite helpful while he’s away. Owen advocates the necessity of using digital transfer methods when stealing source code. Michael gathers twenty-five games which have influenced his life. Ian is putting the finishing touches on his new design. Rick discovers that his iLife is in iHell. Craig finds that cattle calls don’t work well for moose. Orson questions the effectiveness of democracy. Chris adds some personalized flavor to his comments. Tom solves his referrer spam problem. And, Podz discovers that he has been sober for 730 days. Way to go, Podz!

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