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Most of you know that I use Bloglines as my preferred feed reader (or “feed reading service”). I like Bloglines because it’s easy to use and 99% hassle-free. Most of all, I like Bloglines because it’s web-based. That means that I can read my Blogroll from any computer at any time, and that I can keep my read/unread status in sync between home and work. But, sometimes Bloglines just doesn’t cut it, and I find myself in need of an actual feed reader (Podz, I’m looking at you. ^_- ). When I find myself in that situation, I use RSSOwl. Why? Because it’s free, open-source, and cross-platform. More to the point, I use RSSOwl because it works. Was this entire post just a plug for RSSOwl? That’s for me to know, and you to find out.

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  1. What he said!

    I was using NewsFire as my RSS Reader until it went the paid route recently so I looked around for a free alternative and found RSSOwl.

    I have to say, I am surprised at how good it is – not quite Aqua so the interface takes a bit of getting used to but otherwise, I’m a fan.


  2. Thanks for adding your input, Tom. I have to say, I was quite depressed to see NewsFire go the route of shareware, but the developer does have the right to request payment.

    BTW, congratulations on posting the 100th comment!

  3. Meeeeeeee? why ?

    RSSOwl – Bryan put me onto that and I have played, inc the new version:
    – I cannot assign the update interval by folder.
    – It does not seem to cache properly
    – I have yet to work out history keeping with it.
    It does look very promising, and I like the tabbed display but for now Abilon rules. (Having around 120+ feeds doesn’t help I guess)

  4. Heh, I only mentioned you because whenever I try to add your feed to Bloglines, I get this big message, “The user has requested to be removed from the Bloglines service.” So, I can’t use Bloglines to read your feed.

  5. Really ? I got fed up with being nagged so I told them to put it back.
    Just checked and I am there.


  6. Thanks! Glad to know you’re back! Bloglines may be ugly, but it’s functional.

  7. That’s like pointing to a woman with a face like the underside of a tram and saying “Yea, but she’s functional”


  8. 100th comment?

    Cool, what’s the prize? What do I win? 🙂

    I hate bloglines too, I’m afraid. I can see how it would be useful if you are going from machine to machine, but I bring my PowerBook everywhere and use my RSS reader of choice on that.

    My biggest issue with bloglines is not aesthetics (sorry Podz) – rather it is speed. I find it terribly slow waiting for the pages to refresh compared to an RSS reader.

    Must look into Abilon.



  9. Must look into Abilon.

    Hmmmm I found this when I looked for Abilon:
    Platform: Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP

    Well, after I just complaining about the speed of Bloglines, there’s no way I’m installing this on VirtualPC – RSSReader it is.


  10. I’m sure Abilon is a great RSS reader, but it’s not cross-platform and it’s not for Macs.

    As for the 100th comment, I’ll have to think about a prize. Given my situation as of late, it my be nothing more than my eternal friendship, but I hope that’s good enough for something. ^_-